Common Issues


Is there any risk to the electronics at subzero temperatures?

The motor itself has a transformer which keeps all electronics in operating temperature, thus hardly anything can endanger it, even in garages without heating or insulation. The remote control is equipped with a standard battery, which is sensitive to temperatures below zero, therefore we do not recommend storing the remote control in a parked car. It is also the most practical to have it on hand whenever you need to enter to your garage.

Is sectional garage door safer than a conventional, double leaf door?

In case a customer has another entrance to the garage i.e. where the entrance is also from inside of the family house, it is not necessary to have a handle outside of the garage door. This, together with the self-locking mechanism, prevents forced opening. Any outdoor components, mechanical handles or locks make your garage door more vulnerable.

What happens in case of power failure?

In case of power outage, one can easily unplug the motor, thus releasing the door and controlling it manually. If your garage does not have another entrance, then it will be equipped with a handle and safety lock, allowing for the motor to be disconnected. For a longer absence i.e. when the garage door is not used for a longer period of time, it is possible to fix it from inside with metal hasps.

Lost garage door remote control?

In case you do not have another remote control or a replacement, you have to disconnect the garage door from the motor, operate it manually and fix it from inside with hasps. If you can, use your second remote control and contact your supplier as soon as possible, who will for safety reasons erase the memory of the receiver and will encode the old and the new remote control. This is to ensure that somebody who finds the remote control, will not be able to open the garage door. This rather simple task will be arranged for you by any authorized installer of OLYMPS DOOR.

Does my garage door require any special maintenance?

Garage door usually does not require any special maintenance. It is however recommended that at least once a year, and preferably twice a year, a general maintenance of the motor is performed. This can be done by any authorized installer of OLYMPS DOOR.

It happens that in the winter times at minus temperatures the seal around the garage door hardens. As a result, the garage door moves harder or slower. This is something normal and there is no need to do anything with this.