OLYMPS DOOR’s story began in 1991 when six travelers decided to set up a travel agency called T.A.Olymp. The agency was meant to operate as a source for cheap travel for its funders, but over a period of two years it became fairly prosperous, providing families with cheap holidays in Greece. After the Balkan war broke out, it was necessary to shut down its operations. During those times the company started looking around to apply its capabilities in the construction business, significantly contributing to the construction of the Gabcikovo lock. The funders also opened up one of the first rock clubs in Slovakia – the rock club Pavilon in Komarno. After the completion of works on the lock, it was necessary to find some new construction projects. The call came in the form of automatic garage doors and operators – business that was very unique in those days. Subsequently, the activities of the company spread around Europe and later beyond. And so the travelers became sellers of garage doors.