The highest level of comfort of the building are undoubtedly systems of home automation, which can ensure the rational operation of the building at minimum cost. Such system automate frequently repeated tasks and is able to activate or deactivate separately or simultaneously, for instance, entrance gate with garage doors, lights, curtains, heating, irrigation etc..


is a new system of radio control capable of full automation of Nice applications from anywhere in the house. A 240-channel module with display, which controls 80 groups and 70 subgroups is ideal for controlling the entire system. 1, 3, 6 and 9-channel modules are dedicated to control of individual applications, groups or subgroups. Each of them is available in various versions, all in minimum dimensions for extreme ease of use. All buttons of the control module are covered with a rubber membrane, to protect electronic components from moisture and dirt. Thus the system can be used anywhere – in the garage, living room, garden or in your bathroom. Any of the NiceWay modules can be protected by placing it into a miniature rubber coating.

Nice Tag

is an embedded system of remote controlling. Individual components of the system are designed in so they can be embedded e.g. into conventional flush mounting boxes for switches, window blinds and awnings motors, alternatively directly into lighting fixtures. This system is an ideal solution while reconstructing the existing wiring. All elements of the Tag system can be combined with existing parts of the remote control with the floating code.

Nice Opera

is a new set of transmitters with a two-way communication system. Innovative coding system using certificates increases security of the application. The new O-Box technology provides encoding of transmitters without the need for visiting the customer as well as enables encoding of transmitters “from one to another”. Receiver with a built-in transmitter transmits the signal doubling the range of the transmitter. Available versions include 1, 2, 4 and 9-channel transmitters with a floating code at a frequency of 433.92 MHz.