Warranty Terms and Conditions

OLYMPS DOOR endeavors to make sure that each door is complete and in accordance with your order. In case any deviations from our quality controls happen, we will be our highest priority to correct those as quickly as possible. In case you come across any problem, please inform your garage door dealer, or OLYMPS DOOR directly at your earliest convenience. OLYMPS DOOR provides a 24-month warranty period from the date of delivery. The warranty covers product quality, completeness of all parts and proper door functioning (as long as it was installed by authorized worker). During the warranty period, OLYMPS DOOR will provide replacement parts and material to correct any manufacturing or material defects or failures. For a warranty claim, please provide the order code and door production number. For multiple door installations, please fully install one door first to discover any possible defects and failures. Garage doors must be inspected by an authorized worker at least every two years or after every 3.000 operating cycles. OLYMPS DOOR garage doors are designed for a minimum of 10.000 operating cycles. After 10.000 operating cycles, or ten years, the torsion spring(s) must be replaced and the door completely serviced. One operating cycle is one door opening + closing. Expert inspections, tests, maintenance or repairs must only be done by authorized workers. All work must be recorded in the record book.

The warranty ends at the end of 24-month or if:

• The door was not installed correctly;
• The door was not installed in accordance with CE regulations and standards;
• Defects or damage caused by unauthorized modification of the door or its components;
• Defects or damage caused incorrect door use;
• Defects or damage defects caused by failure to inspect, test, provide maintenance or repair.

The warranty does not cover:

• Damage caused by the accidents to the door or improper use;
• Damage caused by natural disasters.

This manual does not give any rights to modify the door by the installer or user. The responsibility for any modifications which are not in accordance with this manual are those of the installer. Any unprofessional modification or improper door use can cause door failure or accident – resulting in injury or property damage.