Garage door installation

How is sectional garage door installed?

A garage door conveniently controlled directly from your car, has a number of advantages compared to the classic, double leaf door. It is mounted on the inside of the garage. It moves on tracks lined on the sides of the door opening up to the ceiling of the garage. When installing the garage door and motor, one should take into consideration the space which the door will open into. This space is usually limited by the height and width of the door opening as well as the type of lift system and motor. The exact dimensions of the required space are defined by authorized technician of OLYMPS DOOR. It is however highly recommended to consult with OLYMSP DOOR while the garage is being built or reconstructed. These are the main factors, one should take into consideration:

Space over the door opening

Space intended to accommodate the torsion spring should be at least 120 mm.


Space on the sides of the building opening, used for fixing the tracks, should be at least 150 mm.

What preparation works should be done before installation?

To prevent damage of already mounted garage door i.e. problems with its installation, we suggest a number of recommendations on how to prepare a construction area:

Complying with all construction requirements, will prevent problems during installation of your garage door. Ideally, please consult with OLYMSP DOOR the construction readiness.

May it happen that the sectional garage door cannot be installed?

We encounter two common problems which make the section door not possible to be installed. First one is when the classic double leaf door is replaced, and the garage opening does not feature jams or header. Second – the garage roof/ceiling falls away from the door to the back wall of the garage.

How long does it take to install a sectional garage door?

Standard installation of sectional garage door including automation, takes around 4 hours (slightly less without the automation). Installation of external gate opener – wing or sliding gate – takes between 3 and 4 hours. This takes into consideration that all the requirements for installation are met including wiring and mounted gate. Any structural modifications which are required, are always pre-consulted with the customer. Free of charge inspection of the site is provided by our technician prior to the installation. These are crucial services, because we can prepare in advance for any specific requirements. Any structural modifications are resolved on the spot including disposal of the old gate or garage door.


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