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For swing gates with leaves up to 3 m,
also ideal for large pillars.
Electromechanical gear motor, surface mounted,
also in 24 Vdc version with magnetic encoder,
with articulated arm.
Single model for right and left leaves.
Two irreversible versions, with 230 Vac (HY7005) and 24 Vdc
(HY7024) power supplies with magnetic encoder.
Fewer connections mean quicker installation.
Pre-wired, incorporated double limit-switch
both during opening and closing (HY7005).
Max. gate weight (kg)

Easy and quick to install: thanks to fewer connections
and nothing welded to the gates.
Long-lasting: solid metal mechanics.
Compact: shockproof bodywork with no sharp corners.
Recommended control units:
Mindy A6F, A60, A700F;
for HY7024 Moonclever MC824H.
24 Vdc version with magnetic encoder.
Perfect for intensive use, compatible with the control unit
Moonclever MC824H:
• simple programming, by means of a single key;
• self-learning of opening and closing limit positions;
• automatic fault diagnostics;
• programming of pause time;
• pedestrian pass door;
• deceleration on opening and closing;
• obstacle detection with dual technology;
• operation in event of power failure by means of optional
rechargeable batteries (PS324);
• provision for connection of latest generation resistive
sensitive edges.

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