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Complete set for swing gates with leaf length up to 1.8m – Assembly on thick and narrow goalposts.

Perfect electronics: slowdown, crush safety, possibility of connections with 8K2 – sensitive edge with resistance.
Ease of use: Unlocking with special key. Fixed alumium arm.
Always ready for use: even when operating a power failure by means of rechargeable batteries (PS124), which are located in the engine.
Exclusive functions: photo-test,people input, programmable data input with different configurations of opening and closing, Photo2, opening for persons and partial opening.
Especially small impact resistant aluminum housing. The actuator is also the case that the gate axis is recessed up to 25cm from the edge of the post, ready for use.
Inexpensive set KCE – receiver and transmitter.

– for double-leafdoors
– built-in electronics, OXI
– without transmitter

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