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Operator for sliding gates up to 600kg weight.

Simple: BlueBUS system enables connection and control between a maximum of 7 couples of photocells from the series Moonbus with just two wires.
Practical: replacement source (selectable) is simply connected to the control electronics via a cable with connector, and is mounted in the engine innneren.
Advantageously: adjustable driving force, speed and pause before automatic closure. Temperature sensor regulates the work force of the drive according to weather conditions, after certain period of inactivity, the terminal is switched off. MASTER / SLAVE selection automatically synchronises two opposing barriers trees.
Intelligent: obstacle detection system and automatic programming of the working time. Operation of the motor is monitoriert throughout the motion, even diagnosed using signal lamps, 8 programming styles.
Safe: acceleration and deceleration of the possibility during each opening and closing, at the beginning and end of the movement.
Robust: relieved of the drive housing made of aluminum with epoxy painting.
Very quiet: gear motor on bearings.

RBA1 – Proximity switch
PS124 – battery with integrated battery charger – 24V
ACRV – Nylon rack with steel core – 25x20x1000mm
ROA7 – galvanized rack – 22x22x1000mm
ROA8 – galvanized rack – 30x8x1000mm, complete with screws and spacers

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