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For swing gates with leaves up to 1.8 m.
Especially suited to gates in wood or PVC.
Irreversible electromechanical gear motor at 24 Vdc,
with articulated arm.
Ultra compact: ideal for pedestrian gates, recommended
for small posts (width 8 cm).
Safe: thanks to the irreversible motor and anti-shear arm
with built-in mechanical stop on closure (with install ation
of entire arm).
Practical: the articulated arm enables installation in specific
conditions, such as in the presence of small walls or obstacles
adjacent to the post.

Quick: no waiting in front of the gate, just 7 seconds to open
or close (in optimal installation conditions, with reduced arm
and 90° opening).

Convenient: incorporable flashing Led indicator, with courtesy
light function (WLT, optional); rapid motor release for manual
movement of the gate.
Built-in control unit:
• simple programming;
• self-learning of opening and closing limit positions;
• automatic fault diagnostics;
• programming of pause time;
• pedestrian pass door;
• deceleration on opening and closing;
• provision for connection of latest generation resistive
sensitive edges.
No black out: operation in the event of a power failure by means
of optional batteries (PS424) housed inside the motor.

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