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For swing gates with leaves up to 2.3 m,
underground installation, ultra compact.
Irreversible electromechanical 24 Vdc gear motor.
Sturdy and discreet: compact foundation box with a height
of only 81 mm.
Steel with cataphoresis paint finish guarantees optimal resistance
to corrosion, and thickness of 2.5 mm guarantees strength.
All this in a protrusion of just 52 mm from the ground.
Practical and quick installation
thanks to the exit lever on the gear motor attached directly
on the leaf.

Mechanical limit switches
adjustable on opening and closing.
Opening up to 180° as standard.
Reliable and sturdy: the gear motor, in IP67 pressure die cast
aluminium, suspended inside the housing to enable drainage
of any deposits, ensures optimal water resistance.
Practical release from inside and outside, acting directly
on the gear motor, easy to operate by means of the special key.
Moonclever control unit MC424L:
• easy programming by pressing a single button;
• clutch with anti-crush safety feature;
• automatic memorization of limit switches on opening
and closing with self-learning function;
• programming of pause time;
• pedestrian pass door;
• deceleration on opening and closing;
• obstacle detection;
• provision for connection of latest generation resistive
sensitive edges;
• continues to work even during power failures using optional
(PS124) batteries that fit inside the control unit.

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