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HPL door infill panel

Suitable for plastic and aluminium door

  • Available in 2 shades of white
  • The thickness of the door infill panel ranges from 24 mm to 60 mm
  • Suitable for plastic as well as aluminium door

HPL (High Pressure Laminates) is a resin-based material which offers a greater hardness and a lower thermal expansion than PVC. Unlike PVC  and aluminium, HPL is water-repellent. It is not shapable, therefore it is used in the manufacturing of flat designs. Its design is a combination of glass panes and metallic ornaments – intarsion. All designs are available in a wide range of colours and tones. With GAVA HPL, PS styrofoam is usually used. For thickness of 36 mm and more, we recommend to use the F Core, in order to significantly reduce horizontal forces affecting the door infill panels. These forces are the result of the bimetallic effect caused by differences between temperatures in the exterior and interior.

The GAVA HPL infill panels are supplied and cut to meet customer requirements,  but with maximum parameters of 900mm x 2150 mm and tolerance ±2 mm.

The protective foil that covers the door infill panel during transportation must be removed immediately after the door has been installed. External factors may cause a permanent  adherence of the foil to the panel within several days.

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